Hvem har ansvaret for en bedre fremtid?!

FREMTIDSFORKEREN.DK drives af sociolog og fremtidsforsker Birthe Linddal

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My work

Only if you understand the zeitgeist, you can say something about the future. I understand the time spirit, it’s my job and have been that for more than 17 years.

My radar is constantly tuned in to trend spotting and understanding the changing world. To be a good futurist is first and foremost to stay informed, to have eyes and ears open and follow the devolpment, talk to people, watch what they are doing, understand there hopes and ideals?

But future studies is also about daring to move out into deep water and come up with possible suggestions for tomorrow’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. A futurist need to have a good imagination.

My skills are often put into play in different contexts. Contexts with a need for inspiration, new eyes, critical comments, objective analysis and updates of new trends. Drawing of possible perspectives for the future.


CONFERENCES? In need for inspiration? An update of trends and tendencies. IF your organisation need a boost? What opportunities and threats holds tomorrow?

Food-trends 2025? What will we eat in the future? what comes after organic?

A Sharp talks about the future is always a good starting point for an exciting day, a good dialogue, new ideas, a strategy – or start of something new and better. Since 2000, I have done more than  500 lectures at home and abroad.


Being able to read the zeitgeist and understand the mechanisms that are at stake, is a profession in itself. A profession many companies are not able to accommodate. A profession that requires focus and concentration, like so many other professions.

Through trend-seminars, reports and presentations, I am helping my clients beeing updated on on the latest trends, challenges and opportunities. It could be the development of the coffee market, latest trends in food and health, or in which direction the green (sustainability) trend pointing?


Writing is a pleasure to read as well. Fortunately, there are many editors, magazines and newspapers who want my words and opinions about the future in an article, on a site or in a book. Editors who would bring strong opinions, funny comments, odd angles and sharp analysis on the agenda. The readers need to get something to think about. News that inspire, causing them to act and become wiser. It’s about putting the future on the agenda – actively and positive.


Put the future on the agenda. The future market? New Products, Innovation, Scenarios? What if?



The future is uncertain! A scenario process is a good way to get hold on the uncertain future and get a sharp insight into the opportunities of the future. Through dialog, focus at the uncertainties ahead are we creating realistic scenarios  for the company, industry or society as a whole. What are the opprotunities – what are the threats.  The Future can´t be more concret.

A scenario process is a very good tool to make tough decisions,  and to ensure a correct strategy

Crepy but true! Many people, companies and organisations have not dealt with the future, at all.


You can´t  know everything, even though you probably would like to. Thats why, you should ask experts for advice. Experts are a gift to the community. Experts with just the expertise you lack, is therefore an ideal opportunity to get exactly the knowledge you need. I am an expert in the  zeit-geist, people in the future, future consumers, their attitudes, actions, preferences and ideals.

 Different eyes

Reproduction of opinions, attitudes and traditions is inevitable in every culture, industry, organization or business. Therefore, it is sometimes imperative to invite  “strangers” “new-eyes”  to see it from another perspective