Hvem har ansvaret for en bedre fremtid?!

FREMTIDSFORKEREN.DK drives af sociolog og fremtidsforsker Birthe Linddal

Du kan tage kontakt via kontaktformularen, eller på telefon +45 3065 1110

Birthe Linddal (b. 1974) Master in Sociologi from University of Amsterdam and Master in social scienes and history (Cand. Scient. Soc) University of Roskilde

My carreer as a futurist took it´s beginning at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies in year 2000, where I within a few years, built up a central position as one of the most used and quoted futurists in Northen Europe. After the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, I went to the Swedish consulting firm Kairos Future where I worked two years with a nordic fokus.  Until 2012 I worked as strategic planner in the largest advertising agency i Denmark, ZupaRecommende.

But I missede my future studies, missede the constant focus at knowledge, analysies and a world chaning. So in september 2012 I startede up my own company www. thefuturist.dk and www.foodfuture.dk. Since I want to focus 100% at my future studies in hopes of a career with high academic ambitions, and a dedicated focus on my research areas in a local and global context. Hopefully to be one of the best to understand the society (food) of tomorrow

My primary research areas are; people and modern life in general, – Who are the people of year 2020?    How do they spend their time? How do they perform as moderne consumers? What do they expect for the future? And what makes them happy?

And more specific I am focusing at the future of food.  I am one of the futurist in the world, who knows most about:  The future of food, food-trends, food consumer insights, innovation, suistainablitity, how to feet the world , the urge for “naturalnees” , GMO – YES OR NO, Pure Food, etc…

I am popular keynote-speaker especially when it comes to the future of food and the future of farming. I have done more than 400 presentation with focus on future food and food production in Denmarks as well as abroad.

I am known as a sharp analyst and social debater with a flair for understanding the times we live in and the consequences and opportunities that come along with the world changing. I am in touch with the zeitgeist – constantly keeping me updated. I am a good communicator who can convey complex substance, so everyone can understand it.

I can deliver up-todate knowledge and scenarios to companies and organizations who need to make long-term decisions and succeed in the future market, succed towards a better future.

Private I am married and mother of two children.