Hvem har ansvaret for en bedre fremtid?!

FREMTIDSFORKEREN.DK drives af sociolog og fremtidsforsker Birthe Linddal

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It´s me, Birthe Linddal (1974), sociologist and futurist, community debater,
columnist, author and lecturer who is behind the.futurist.dk and foodfuture.dk
The starting point of my career is first and foremost my great interest for the world around me, a year-long curiosity of people, society and the opportunities that lie ahead. An interest which brought me to the university. I have a masters degree in sociology from the University of Amsterdam and a master’s degree in social sciences and history from RUC. (University of Roskilde)
And just the interest in the zeitgeist and what the future might bring, led me in 2000 to the Institute for Futures Studies in Copenhagen, where I within a few years built up a central position as one of the most used and quoted futurists. In 2007, I came to the Swedish consulting firm Kairos Future, doing future studies however, with a more Nordic focus.
In 2009 I moved with my family from Copenhagen to Jutland, where I after end maternity leave got offered a job as  strategic planner with the largest advertising agency i DK  Zupa-Recommended. My job was to provide knowledge and insight into the process with customers. Focus on consumer insights, market knowledge, trends and tendencies, future retail and the growth of e-commerce. I had a few interesting and instructive years in the advertising industry.
But the desire again to target knowledge – specifically knowledge of the future, people and modern life, consumers, and not least the future of food made me in the spring of 2012 decided to say goodbye to the world of advertising and again devote myself to knowledge, research, sociology and future research in-house.

I am known as a sharp analyst and social debater with a flair for understanding the times we live in and the consequences and opportunities that come with the world changing. I am in touch with the zeitgeist, keeping me constantly updated. I am a good communicator who can convey complex substance, so everyone can understand it. I am regular columnist at food-supply.com, have been regular colomnist at Nyhedsavisen and is often quoted in the Danish press. In my career I have held more than 300 lectures at home and abroad. Lectures usually “tailored” in relation to the exact customer’s problem, challenge and theme.

The ambition of thefuturist.dk / foodfuture  is a company where there is room for high academic ambitions, time-depth knowledge and a more global outlook. It’s about to be one of the best to understand the changes happening with us humans, our preferences and behavior patterns. Trades to understand a changing world, so I can deliver new and relevant knowledge to companies and organizations who need to make long-term decisions and succeed in the future markets, success towards a better future.


Private I am married and mother of two  children.