Hvem har ansvaret for en bedre fremtid?!

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But, from a world point of view,
maybe it is better to stop the population growth, that finding solutions to feet even more people?

It is important to state, that it is not only the number of people changing toward 2o50. Many other variables change too. The way we live, the needs we have, the way we produce food, the perception of food. Especially will new technology change our maneuverability significantly. Thats why there will be enough food for 9 billion people? New solutions will come. But an equal distribution will still be a huge challenge, and so will the impact of the climate change and the lack of water in some parts of the world.
New Solutions have to be sustainable


Quatar is planning to farm the desert by 2025 for 30 billion $.
They will reduce their food imports from 90% – 60% using 30% less water. Drylands account for 41% of the worlds land surface.